Can’t tell a Grigio from a Chardonnay? Are you even pronouncing it right? What the heck is the ‘Pinot G scale’ ?…

Ever wanted to learn about wine but didn’t know where to start? Not sure who to ask, or even what to ask when it comes to wine? here at Red Hill Estate we have the answers!

Come and join us on Sunday 21st July and discover everything you wanted to know about wine, but were too afraid to ask.

We’ll take you through the basics, giving you insights along the wine production trail from the vines themselves, right the way through to bottling and cellaring.

Along the way we will de-mystify the wine tasting & purchasing process and familiarise you with the wine tasting vocabulary you’ll no doubt be perplexed by, leaving you with a much needed confidence boost in the world of wine.

During the two hour class, you’ll discover:

- how wine is made, from selecting planting sites for the vines, to bottling

- how ‘terroir’ effects the wine

- what on earth ‘terroir’ is, how to pronounce it, and why you want to pronounce it

- learn how to translate wine tasting terminology

- what the wine aroma wheel is, and why its so important

- how to taste wine like a pro, from first sight, to aroma, to taste, to finish

- what the key differences are between the grape varieties

- learn the major factors between old world & new world wine

- how to chose the right bottle of wine for the right occasion

- how to match wine with food, and why it works

- wine appreciation booklet to take home

This 90 minute wine class is perfect for those that enjoy their wine, but just don’t necessarily know why…

This masterclass has limited seats available.